Amplifier A5/5PUC-3 (P.140-M)

Product description:

5in/5out cascadable amplifier high output power for distribution of terrestrial & satellite signals from 1 satellite position (4 polarities).
Satellite trunk lines are DC transparent and supply respective sat amplifiers with DC power (Supply of 12 to 18 V DC is satellite input of connected multiswitch or DC inserter). If there is no voltage on any of amplifier’s inputs and outputs, the amplifier may be supplied from an external power supply (recommended PA12) via socket DC2.1. This voltage then appears on each input and output of the amplifier and can supply other devices in the trunk or the LNB.
Terrestrial line input-output is DC blocked, terrestrial amplifier is DC supplied from satellite line 3.
The amplifier is designed in such a way that individual units can be stacked into 2, 3 or 4 satellite amplifying block using extension module A4/4PUS-3.