Deviser S30 Satellite Meter

General Introduction

S30 Satellite Meter is an ideal testing instrument for satellite dish installation which has extremely fast response and high accuracy and stable display. It can display MER to judge if the signal is exist.
The instrument can calculate the Azimuth, Elevation and polarization angle automatically according to the operator’s longitude and latitude.
The satellite channel plan can be edit by PC edit
software. With Lithium battery, it can power the LNB and has over 4 hours

Key Features
●● Support DVB-S/S2 (DCSS)
●● C, Ku, Ka or L Band
●● MER and BER
●● Spectrum function
●● Support DiSEqC 1.0/1.1
●● Signal level and quality display together
●● 128×64 matrix LCD with back-lighted
●● Large lithium battery capacity, over 4 hours working time
●● Software upgrade and parameter set via USB interface

Frequency Range: 950MHz‐2150MHz
Input Level Range: 30dBμV‐110dBμV
Unit: dBμV、dBmV、dBm
Accuracy: ±3.0dB(20℃±5℃)
Input impedance: 75Ω
Symbol Rate(SR): 1Msps‐45Msps
Connector: F
Measurement: Average Power, MER and BER
22K Control: support
Audio output: Built‐in BUZZER
Display: 128×64 LCD
Memory: 16 satellite, 6 transponder/per sat
LNB voltage: 13V,18V and off
LNB current: <400mA
Port: USB
Adapter power: 100~240V AC
DC Input voltage: DC12V/1.2A
Work Time: About 2.5 hours
Charge Time: About 3 hours
Working Temperature: 0℃‐40℃
Storage Temperature: ‐10℃‐50℃
Dimension(L*H*W): 153mm*93mm*42mm
Weight: 358g