Power inserter & termination unit B5/0PEP-3 (P.123-A)


Product description:
5in/0out DC inserter & impedance terminator. Input voltage from DC2.1 socket is passed to 4 satellite inputs. All inputs (including terrestrial) are terminated by 75 Ohm.
The device is suitable to be connected at the end of a cascade system.

A dual passive signal splitter, designed for connection with cascade taps P.121 or multiswitches. This is de facto a system of multiple 2-way splitters in one unit. DC is passed from outputs to inputs.

Satellite inputs are used for connection of LNB, terrestrial input for connection of TV or FM antenna or a preamplifier. The inputs of the unit can also be connected to the outputs of suitable amplifier, e.g. P.140-M or P.140-M SAT.

The units are stackable onto the top of each other to allow modular multi-satellite reception systems.