Product Overview:
MTI dCSS LNB is a new generation of Ku band satellite receivers for
the Universal market. State of the art digital channel stack switch
technology provides the most compact circuit design to achieve a
reliable, robust and cost-effective solution. Broadband features
satisfies the bandwidth demand for high video resolution requirements.
Single cable design provides simplified system installation to
reduce overall system cost /complexity.

Digital channel stacking technology uses high speed ADC converters
to digitize all of the transponders received from satellite. The
dCSS LNB offers full flexibility of channel selection, supports more
STB over single cable application to reduce installation cost and
much easy for system upgrade at subscribers home. The Dynamic
mode allows up to 24 tuners to receive any transponders on desired
satellite. The Static mode, allowing an unlimited number of receivers
to be connected, makes multi-room distribution and MDU installations
substantially cheaper and simpler. The dCSS LNB is programmable
through the MTI Programmer Box and able to reset operating
mode ( dynamic or static )􀁥dish alignment mode􀁥output power
level􀁥channel bandwidth􀁥 UB numbers and Frequencies.

The dCSS LNB is backward compatible with EN50494 standard.
Moreover, MTI DCSS LNB is also fully compliant with new EN50607
standards and able to support mixed EN50494/EN50607 installation
of next generation PVRs, HMGs(Home Media Gateway) and compatible

Controller application software provides upgradeable future-proof
solutions and greater flexibility to address various installation
scenarios. Quick and simple upgrade of subscribers’ homes from
single-tuner setup to multi-tuners setup using existing cables,
reducing cost and time of upgrades.