SeeBest SB-102 A

– Seebest Set-top box transmitter is developed and designed for multipurpose digital set-top box,which can be realized to operate the set-top box and watch the digital TV program of living room in bedroom room. This product uses frequency division multiplexing, and the user doesn’t need to re-install the cable and directly use the existing cable when installing. The cable television signal transmits as usual
– Have the cable transmission signal, no electromagnetic radiation pollution, free from outside interference, clear image, strong privacy, long transmission distance and so on. This product is also applicable to satellite receivers, VCD, DVD, video recorders and multimedia computers and other audio and video distribution.       

1. It suits for multi-TVs share the same STB
2. It adopts frequency division multiplexing technique,don’t need to wiring
3. It adopts line transport,non-electromagnetic radiation polution