SeeBest Video Audio Amp Splitter SB-104 VA & SB-108 VA


Model No: SEEBEST – SB-104VA

1 input 4 output video & audio amplifier splitter


1. Adopting high-quality components and advanced circuit design technology. 

2. Independent amplified outputs, high isolation, excellent interference resistance ability. 

3. Suitable for family, hotel, singing hall, shopping mall, school, factory, etc.


  • Video
  • rated output signal level and impedance :VS0.8-1.0Vp-p/75Ω
  • rated input signal level and impedance:VS0.8-1.0Vp-p/75Ω
  • Bandwidth:50Hz-5.5MHz
  • input number of channels :1
  • output number of channels:4
  • audio
  • rated output signal level and impedance :2V(RMS)47KΩ
  • rated input signal level and impedance:2V(RMS)1KΩ
  • frequency characteristic :10Hz-20KHz,0dB

Seebest SB-108VA RCA Amplifier Splitter 1 Input 8 Output AV Amp Distributor Video Distribution Amp

– One input eight outputs video&audio distribution amplifier
– Bandwidth:50Hz-5.5MHz
– Rated input signal voltage and impedance :2V(RMS)/47KΩ
– Rated output signal voltageand impedance:2V(RMS)/1KΩ
– Frequency characteristic:10HZ-20KHz,0dB

1.Adopting high-quality components and advanced circuit design technology.
2.Independent amplified outputs,high isolation,excellent interference resistance ability.
3.Suitable for family, hotel, singing hall, shopping mall, school, factory, etc.