Y P Yau Trading located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and start operation since 1996, incorporated as a trading company and wholesaler/distributor for various types of equipment & products.
 Y P Yau Trading represents a number of Overseas & Local manufacturers of Satellite & Telecommunication equipment, Electrical & Electronic consumer products and Mechanical Machinery equipment & accessories.
Satellite and Telecommunication Equipment & Accessories 
The company represents a number of overseas manufacturers of satellite & telecommunication equipment and is associated with some established foreign satellite communication and telecommunication specialists such as Jonsa, EMP Centauri, WNC, MTI, Wavecom, Topfield, Maxplus, SuperJack, Winersat, Gbox, ComStar and Zinwell.

Business Products/Services :

  • Satellite IF Equipment, Component and Accessories 
    (Ku-band & C-Band satellite reflector, LNB, Satellite fixed & positioned arm & mounting, Set-up-box, Satellite multi-switch, IF power amplifier, Cable,Splitter,Tap-off, HDMI equipment, Connectors and Accessories)
  • Terrestrial RF Equipment, Component and Accessories
    (Terrestrials antenna, mounting & pole, RF modulator, RF power and distribution amplifier, Combined amplifier, Customized height rack, RF remote extender, Cable, Splitter, HDMI equipment, Connectors and Accessories)
  • Electrical and Electronic Appliances and Devices.
     (HD LED & LCD television, Theatre & data projector, Air purifier, Air- conditioning, Professional LCD monitor, Smart home solution, Audio & video equipment, Home appliances, Solar solution, LED lighting and Office automation)
  • Mechanical Machinery, Devices and Components. 
    (All types of pumps, Brush cutter, Blower, Power sprayer, Chainsaw, Cooling system, Mist blower, Blower, Industrial fan, Construction machines, Power generator and Tools, Water jet, Air tools & compressor, Cleaning equipment, Welding machine, Coring machine and Safety equipment)